21-23 March 2007: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
Invited Speakers
Scientific Program

Accepted posters
  • M.Allen, EuroVO DCA - enabling science
  • A.Bayo, D.Barrado y Navascués, M.Morales-Calderón, F.Allard, Fitting the Spectral Energy Distribution of cool objects
  • J.Cantó, M.-A.Satorre, M.Domingo, R.Luna, Synergy of the Virtual Observatory in the context of the astrophysical laboratory work
  • M.Cerviño, E.Terlevich, R.Cid-Fernandes, W.Schoenell, F.de los Santos, R.Terlevich, V.Luridiana, Results of the analysis of SLOAN galaxies in the VO
  • M.Cerviño, E.Terlevich, R.Terlevich, C.Rodrigo, V.Luridiana, A.López, E.Solano, PGos3: a database of synthesis models in the VO
  • B.de Batz, P.Le Sidaner, I.Chilingarian, C.Neiner, The BeSS Database: A Complete SSAP Implementation for Be stars spectra
  • DIS team, Slit and slitless spectroscopy @ LAM
  • M.-L.García-Vargas, M.Mollá, A new grid of evolutionary synthesis models in the Virtual Observatory
  • B.Garilli, L.Paioro, V.Le Brun, O Le Fevre, P.Franzetti, M.Fumana and M.Scodeggio, VVDS data access through VO services
  • R.Gutiérrez, E.Solano, A.Delgado, B.Montesinos, L.-M.Sarro, I.Mendigutía, B.Merín, VOSED. A tool for the characterization of developing planetary systems
  • L.Kotkova and P.Skoda, Web-based Observation Supporting Archive of 2m Ondrejov Telescope
  • M.Kuemmel and the HLA team, Building the Pipeline for Hubble Legacy Archive Grism data PHLAG [.pdf]
  • A.Ibarra,, I.de la Calle, J.Salgado, C.Gabriel, P.Osuna, Adaptation of XMM-Newton SAS to GRID and VO architectures via web services technology
  • S.Ilovaisky, M.Koleva, J.Moultaka, P.Prugniel and C.Soubiran, The ELODIE-SOPHIE archive
  • M.Louys, F.Bonnarel, I.Chilingarian, Navigation in data sets of heterogeneous dimensions [.ppt]
  • D.Montes, VO-compliant libraries of high resolution spectra of cool stars
  • C.Morales et al., On the improvement of the reddening correction from ultraviolet spectra
  • I.P.Nickelt, H.Enke, The RAVE survey spectral database
  • M.Obbrugger, T.Lueftinger, N.Nesvacil, C.Stuetz, W.W.Weiss, Abundance analysis of peculiar stars based on VALD [.ppt]
  • A.Palacios, POLLUX, a stellar spectra database
  • E.T.Polehampton, P.Davis-Imhof, B.M.Swinyard, The Herschel SPIRE Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
  • P.Prugniel, The HyperLeda FITS archive
  • P.Prugniel et al., Interpolated empirical spectra
  • F.Royer, I.Jégouzo, P.Prugniel, Science ready GIRAFFE spectra
  • A.Salama, R.Lorente, M.Sierra, E.Verdugo, Infrared Space Observatory spectra in the Virtual Observatory