21-23 March 2007: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
Invited Speakers


The workshop proceedings can be found below:

Table of Contents
C.-W. Yip, Spectroscopic surveys: Present
E. Martin, Brown dwarf projects at the Spanish VO
C. Foellmi, The Variable Star One-shot Project, and its little child: Wikimbad.
D. Lennon, Spectroscopic Surveys of Stellar Populations
M. Cropper, Future Spectroscopic Surveys and the Virtual Observatory
A. M. Mickaelian, The Spectroscopic Database of the Digitised First Byurakan Survey
C. Gonzalez-Fernandez, TCS-CAIN: NIR Spectrophotometric survey of the inner Milky Way
R. Gonzalez-Riestra, X-Ray High Resolution Spectra in the VO: The case of XMM-Newton RGS Data
A. Bayo, Cool objects: From SED fitting to age estimation
B. Garilli, VVDS Data Access Through VO Services
M. Kuemmel, Building the Pipeline for Hubble Legacy Archive Grism data
S. Ilovaisky, The ELODIE-SOPHIE archive in the Virtual Observatory
I. Nickelt, GAVO-II and the RAVE survey spectral database
Ph. Prugniel, The HyperLeda spectroscopic archive in the Virtual Observatory
F. Royer, Science ready GIRAFFE spectra
W. Schoenell, Results of an analysis of SDSS galaxies in the VO
M. E. Sharina, VLT spectroscopy of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies
Round Table discussion on the session: ``Spectroscopic Surveys''
D. Tody, Access to spectroscopic data in the VO
A. Richards, Multi-wavelength spectroscopy requirements
T. Boch, Aladin, VO standards, Spectra and data cubes
L. Dobos, Spectrum Services 2007
P. Osuna, Astronomical Spectroscopy in the VO era: VOSpec
M. Allen, The EURO-VO Data Centre Alliance
B. de Batz, The BeSS database: a SSAP implementation for Be stars
R. Gutierrez, VOSED: a tool for the characterisation of protoplanetary disks
Round Table discussion on the session: ``VO spectroscopy standards and tools''
P.Skoda, Common Methods of Stellar Spectra Analysis and their Support in VO
P. Franzetti, EZ and GOSSIP, two new VO compliant tools for spectral analysis
E. Solano, Automated analysis of stellar spectra: application to the GAUDI archive
B. Vollmer, Determination of Radio Spectra from Catalogues and Identification of Gigahertz Peaked Sources Using the Virtual Observatory
B. W. Miller, 3D Spectroscopy and the Virtual Observatory
I. Chilingarian, 3D Spectroscopy in the Virtual Observatory: Current Status
L. Nolan, A data-driven approach to finding young stellar populations in early-type galaxies from their optical spectra
M. Dolensky, Status of the New Archive Infrastructure for Spectra at ESO
L. Kotkova, Web-based Observation Supporting Archive of 2m Ond\v{r}ejov Telescope
A. Ibarra, Adaptation of XMM-Newton SAS to GRID and VO architectures via web services technology
M. Louys, Navigation in data sets of heterogeneous dimensions
Round Table discussion on the session: ``Spectroscopic algorithms and tools''
A. Boselli, Combining UV to radio continuum photometric and spectroscopic data of galaxies for scientific purposes
F. Kerber, Wavelength Standards for IR Spectrographs at ESO
J. Canto, Synergy of the Virtual Observatory in the context of the astrophysical laboratory work
D. Montes, VO-compliant libraries of high resolution spectra of cool stars
E. Polehampton, Spectral Processing Requirements for the Herschel SPIRE Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Round Table discussion on the session: ``Photometry and calibration standards''
B. Plez, Stellar synthetic spectroscopy in the Virtual Observatory era
M. Cervino, How to use the SEDs produced by synthesis models (inside and outside the VO)?
C. Rodrigo, Theoretical models in the Virtual Observatory
T. Rauch, GAVO Tools for the Analysis of Stars and Nebulae
J. Salgado, Spectroscopic lines in the VO context: IVOA model and Access
H. S. P. Mueller, The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy, CDMS
N. Moreau, VO access to CDMS spectroscopic database
G. Del Zanna, VOTADA - VO Tools and Atomic Data for Astrophysics
E. Roueff, Electronic Molecular Transitions
S. Bianchi, VOSpec and high-resolution X-ray line catalogues
M. Cervino, PGos3: a database of synthesis models in the VO
M. Garcia-Vargas, PopStar: A new grid of Evolutionary Synthesis Models in the Virtual Observatory
M. Obbrugger, VALD
A. Palacios, POLLUX: a database of stellar spectra - First step : SED and High Resolution Synthetic Spectra
Ph. Prugniel, Spectrum interpolator for the ELODIE library
Round Table discussion on the session: ``Interface to laboratory databases and theoretical models''
F. Genova, Concluding remarks

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