21-23 March 2007: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
Invited Speakers
Scientific Program

21 March 2007

Morning session: Spectroscopic surveys

09:15-09:30: P.Osuna, Workshop presentation [.ppt]
09:30-10:00: C.-W. Yip, Spectroscopic surveys: present (invited) [.ppt]; Proceedings
10:00-10:15: E.Martin, The IAC ultra-cool dwarf catalog [.ppt]; Proceedings

10:15-10:30: C.Foellmi, The Variable Star One-shot Project [.pdf]
10:30-10:45: D.Lennon, Spectroscopic surveys of stellar populations [.ppt]; Proceedings
10:45-11:15: Coffee/tea break
11:15-11:45: M.Cropper, Spectroscopic surveys: future (invited) [.pdf]

11:45-12:00: W.Freudling, The European Hubble Legacy Archive [.ppt]
12:00-12:15: A.M.Mickelian, The Spectroscopic Database of the Digitalized First Byurakan Survey [.ppt]
12:15-12:30: C.Gonzalez-Fernandez, IR Spectroscopic survey of the inner MW [.ppt]
12:30-12:45: R.Gonzalez-Riestra, X-ray high-resolution spectra in the VO:the case of RGS [.ppt]
12:45-13:30: Round table discussion (Moderators: L.Colina, P.Rosati)
13:30-15:00: Lunch break

Afternoon session: VO spectroscopy standards and tools

15:00-15:15: D.Tody, Access to spectroscopic data in the VO [.ppt]
15:15-15:30: A.Richards, Requirements for multi-freq spectroscopy [.pdf]
15:30-15:45: F.Bonnarel, Aladin, VO standards, Spectra and data cubes [.ppt]
15:45-16:00: L.Dobos, Spectrum services 2007 [.ppt]
16:00-16:30: Coffee/tea break
16:30-16:45: P.Osuna, Astronomical spectroscopy in the VO era: VOSpec [.ppt]
16:45-17:00: J.Tedds, Spectral applications in AstroGrid
17:00-18:00: Round table discussion (Moderators: M.Allen, P.Skoda)

22 March 2007

Morning session: Spectroscopic algorithms and tools
09:00-09:30: P.Skoda: Common Methods of Stellar Spectra Analysis and their Support in VO (invited) [.ppt]
09:30-09:45: P.Franzetti, EZ and GOSSIP, two new VO compliant tools for spectral analysis [.ppt]
09:45-10:00: E.Caux, CASSIS. A software package to speed up the science analyisis of spectral data [.pdf]
10:00-10:15: E.Solano, Automated analysis of stellar spectra: application to the GAUDI archive [.ppt]
10:15-10:30: B.Vollmer, Determination of radio spectra from catalogues
10:30-11:00: Coffee/tea break
11:00-11:30: B.Miller, 3D Spectroscopy and the VO (invited) [.ppt]
11:30-11:45: I.Chilligarian, 3D spectroscopy in the Virtual Observatory: Current Status [.ppt]
11:45-12:00: P.Prugniel, Virtual Instrument to study stellar populations and internal kinematics of stellar systems [.ppt]
12:00-12:15: L.Nolan, A data-driven approach to finding young stellar populations in early-type galaxies from their optical spectra [.pdf]
12:15-12:30: M.Dolensky, Status of the New Archive Infrastructure for Spectra at ESO [.pdf]
12:30-13:30: Round table discussion (Moderators: T.Budavari, P.Osuna)
13:30-15:00: Lunch break

Afternoon session: Photometry and calibration standards

15:00-15:30: A.Boselli, Combining UV to radio continuum photometric and spectroscopic data for scientific purposes (invited) [.ppt]
15:30-15:45: P.Garcia-Lario, VO tools and cross-calibration [.ppt]
15:45-16:00: F.Kerber, Wavelengths Standards for IR Spectrographs at ESO [.ppt]
16:00-16:30: Coffee/tea break
16:30-17:30: Round table discussion (Moderators: I.Chiligarian, J.Salgado)

23 March 2007

Morning session: Interface to laboratory databases, and theoretical models
09:00-09:30: B.Plez, Stellar synthetic spectroscopy in the VO era (invited) [.pdf]
09:30-09:45: M.Cerviño, How to use the SED produced by synthesis models [.ppt]
09:45-10:00: C.Rodrigo, Theoretical models in the VO [.pdf]
10:00-10:15: N.Piskunov, Practical tools for astronomical spectroscopy [.ppt]
10:15-10:30: T.Rauch, Tools for the Analysis of Stars and Planetary Nebulae [.ppt]
10:30-10:45: Coffee/tea break
10:45-11:00: J.Salgado, Spectroscopic lines in the VO context: IVOA model and access [.ppt]
11:00-11:15: H.Müller, The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy, CDMS
11:15-11:30: N.Moreau, M.L. Dubernet, H.Müller, VO access to CDMS spectroscopic database [.pdf]
11:30-11:45: G.del Zanna, VODATA: Atomic data for the VO [.ppt]
11:45-12:00: E.Roueff, Electronic molecular transitions [.pdf]
12:00-12:15: S.Bianchi, VOSpec and high-resolution X-ray line catalogues [.ppt]
12:15-13:00: Round table discussion (Moderators: M.Guainazzi, C.Soubiran)
13:00-13:30: F.Genova, Concluding remarks
End of the Workshop