Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. GUI - Main Window
  3. Create SSAP VOTables
  4. Analysis Tools
  5. Fitting Utilities
  6. SED Spectra
  7. Photometric services
  8. Simple Line Access
  9. Theoretical Access
  10. Interoperability
  11. VOSpec Guys
  12. References
  13. User Feedback


SAMP is a messaging protocol that enables astronomy software tools to interoperate and communicate.
VOSpec is now using SAMP technology to receive/send spectra to other SAMP-enable VO-tools.


One of the new feature includes the possibility to select one or more spectra from the Spectra Selector Panel and send them to the available apllications through SAMP by right clicking on the mouse.


VOSpec & Plastic

PLASTIC is a protocol for communication between client-side astronomy applications. It is very simple for application developers to adopt and is easily extended. Through PLASTIC applications can do tasks such as instruct each other to load Spectra, VOTables, highlight a subset of rows or load an image of a particular area of sky. Although such operations are quite simple, they enable powerful collaborations between tools. The philosophy is that the astronomer should have a suite of interoperating tools at his disposal, each of which does one thing well and which can be composed according to his particular needs.

VOSpec integrates such a technology allowing very useful interaction with other VO-aware tools like Aladin, Astroscope, VOQuest etc..

Messages supported:

Sending spectra from Astroscope to VOSpec through Plastic

Sending spectra from Aladin to VOSpec through Plastic


Sending VOTable from VOQuest to VOSpec through Plastic


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