Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. GUI - Main Window
  3. Create SSAP VOTables
  4. Analysis Tools
  5. Fitting Utilities
  6. SED Spectra
  7. Photometric services
  8. Simple Line Access
  9. Theoretical Access
  10. Interoperability
  11. VOSpec Guys
  12. References
  13. User Feedback

Photometry Handling

Starting in Version 6.5, VOSpec features handling capabilities for photometric points.

As an experimental feature, it integrates data from development services that draft elements of the future SED Data Model: CDS and NED. Scientifc relevance, and quality of the data offered thoroughly justifies its integration despite the early stage of Data Models and protocols for photometric data.

Both may be found in the Server Selector, under the heading "Photometry Services":



Photometry from these services can be combined with spectra from any other source:




Note that photometric points can be classified according to metadata parameters (Catalogue, Band, etc.) by right-clicking the leaf of the tree with the service name (i.e. right click "CDS Multicatalogue Service"):



Returning the requested hierarchical structure:




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