Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. GUI - Main Window
  3. Create SSAP VOTables
  4. Analysis Tools
  5. Fitting Utilities
  6. SED Spectra
  7. Photometric services
  8. Simple Line Access
  9. Theoretical Access
  10. Interoperability
  11. VOSpec Guys
  12. References
  13. User Feedback

SSAP VOTable Creator Window

Add New
Open File Browser Window and select Spectra to be added to the panel

File formats supported:

VOSpec supports specially well and encourages the use of the IVOA Spectral Data Model:

thanks to the NVO SED library (
For the moment, only serializations in VOTable are supported.

Furthermore, any spectra in the following formats is supported:


- Binary tables (2 columns, for wavelength and flux)
- ASCII tables (2 columns, for wavelength and flux)
- 1D FITS spectrum images. Definition here.


- 1.0 REC
- 1.1 REC

Delete Spectrum from Local Spectra Panel

Delete All
Delete all spectra from Local Spectra Panel

Add from SSAP VOTable
In the case that you do already have an SSAP VOTable file, you can use that one by selecting it from your file system.

Save in SSAP VOTable
Save all spectra in a SSAP VOTable

Display Spectra with VOSpec

Select spectrum from the Panel and modify it

Spectrum Description
Small description of what the spectrum file represents. Corresponds to the VOX:Image_Title which is a compulsory output parameter of the SSAP. An example would be something like:

“ISO SWS02 Spectrum Target: M51”

File URL - The real spectrum (remote) access location URL
The (remote) location where the real spectrum file (e.g., a fits file) is located.

Type - Choose file type
For the time being, FITS files, VOTable and a temporal type called “Photometry” are allowed. The photometry option can deal with “standard” Johnson photometric data in VOTable (with the corresponding UCDs for the Johnson J magnitudes).


SED Spectra and 1D fits spectrum image are also supported formats.

For SED Spectra please visit the SED page


Wavelength column name
In the case, e.g., of a spectrum in FITS, it would correspond to the keyword name of the column with the wavelength data.

Flux column name
In the case, e.g., of a spectrum in FITS, it would correspond to the keyword name of the column with the flux data.

Predefined Units
One of the most important metadata that should accompany the spectrum data is the Dimensional equation parameters DIMEQ and SCALEQ. In order to help people building an SSAP VOTable around their data, we have worked out the DIMW and SCALEQ for a set of very standard units. This so called “predefined” units appear in two combo-boxes here, one for the spectral axis and the other one for the flux axis.

By selecting one of the predefined units, the data for the DIMEQ and SCALEQ will be automatically filled in.

In case the units of the spectrum around which we want to build the SSAP VOTable won’t be any of the available ones, the window under “Edit if different from predefined” would have to be edited.

Note that the unit names are, in any case, irrelevant for the processing, and are only there for reference of the user. They will not play any role in the algorithm for unit conversion.

Spectra Info is saved with the modifications made and display

Leave the tool

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